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Water damage results from various causes that include storms, heavy rains, floods or plumbing issues such as leaking or frozen pipes. When water damage restoration contractors are called out to a property their very first task involves assessing the damages that have occurred to the property in order to decide on the mitigation actions required.

Water Damage Restoration Services

Professional companies that perform these services include pumping out residual water and then removing valuables and furniture to avoid further damages. Once the damages have been mitigated the process of drying commences using dehumidification and energy-efficient drying equipment.

Factors like the humidity levels, airflow and composition associated with wet materials will determine the correct approach for water damage Rogers AR In some cases, the usage of heat sticks or heat mats over and above the standard equipment is needed. There are restoration services that may also take the responsibilities on of restoring a property like replacing floor and wall materials or even rebuilding certain types of fittings.

With the use of technology today like remote monitoring, the contractors are able to maintain measurements that are continuous relating to moisture content, carbon-dioxide levels, humidity and temperature that assists in decreasing the drying time along with the site visit numbers and a way to keep the home owner informed of the progress.

Advice When A Disaster Strikes

In just about every case the precautions that are taken before or the first actions straight after a water damage situation such as a flood assist in decreasing the consequences as well as accelerating recovery processes. Time is of the essence when it comes to decreasing the damages that mud and water can cause. Various inventory items that include carpets, walls, furniture and valuables can easily be saved when the technical side of the drying process can commence within 24 hours after an event.


•If any threats have arisen for the inhabitants of a home, the house should be disconnected from the mains at the electrical supply

•Ensure that temporary lighting is available such as candles or flashlights

•Secure personal valuables and documents

•Make sure pets are safe

•Secure valuables and appliance when possible on the upper level of a home. When not possible stack them onto tables, pallets and chairs

•Remove carpets and valuable furniture when possible and store them away from the water


•Never wade through water when the electricity in the property is still connected or when the water may be contaminated

•Ventilate the property by opening up all the doors and windows

•Remove textiles or carpets out of the property as this decreases drying time of inventory and the actual building

•Place saucers, wood blocks or aluminum foil between floor coverings and furniture, particularly carpets that are wet that are not removable. This stops water absorption into furniture that results in further damage

•The home owner should have personal information, policy numbers and a description that is brief associated with the damage to equipment and the building

•Contact an expert restoration service when one has not been offered from the home owners insurance company